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These are a list of some of the more common services provided by our office.

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Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, A.L.T.A. Surveys, Foundation Location Surveys, As-Built Surveys, and Updated Surveys.

Whether you are contemplating a major or minor development permit, or you are looking for a licensed land surveyor to depict the existing conditions for a particular site, Canger Engineering is the place where practical, professional surveying services have been provided for over seventy five (75) years.

Site Plan Preparation, Construction Drawings, Stormwater Management Designs, Sanitary Sewer Designs, Septic Designs, Soil Moving Plans, Landscaping Plans , Lighting Plans, Soil Classification.

When you need an professional to prepare engineered site plans with sustainable designs for any construction project, Canger Engineering is there. From conceptual feasibility, to the preliminary designs and final construction drawings, our goal is to support your project from beginning to end, and provide those consulting services that will maximize your project's success.

All plans will be prepared by a licenced professional engineer and land surveyor, with accompanying reports and computations all signed and sealed and submitted with the plans. 

Minor Subdivisions, Variance Maps, Wetlands Mapping, Construction Stake Out Work, Flood Plain Mapping, Condominium Letters.

If you plan on subdividing your property, or require the preparation of a variance map indicating names, owners and addresses of adjoining property owners, proposing consrtuction in or adjacent to wetlands, constructing a building or you need a plan of any type, call the professionals at Canger Engineering and they will meet all of your real propery mapping needs.

Construction stakeout services are also available for the installation of all improvements including centerline of roadways, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, water main, curbing, slopes and grading, driveways, buildings, site disturbance limits and property boundaries. 

Expert Testimony provided for Superiour Court, Planning Boards, Zoning Boards, Land Use Boards, Boards of Health, and Commissioners Hearing for Condemnation Proceedings.

When you require professional testimony as an expert witness in the fields of engineering and land surveying, Canger Engineering will do the job right.  Our professionals have been recognized as experts by New Jersey Courts, Planning Boards, Zoning Boards of Adjustment, Land Use Boards, Health Boards, and others.

We provide full consultation, professional advice and support services for all your development needs. Whether its representation, engineering reports, maps, plans, construction details, or expert opinions, Canger can meet your needs and provide you with the extra level of service that you deserve.

Property Line Stakeout, Monumentation and Property Corner Markers.

When you need permanent survey markers or monumentation that require a professional level of precision, Canger Engineering is the name you can trust. We have been providing property boundary markout services since 1948 and have satisfactorily provided corner markers for tens of thousands of properties throughout the State of New Jersey.  We have also been appointed as third party surveyor by the New Jersey State's Appellate Court to settle legal disputes between parties. Canger is the name you can trust.  

Damage Assessment Reports

We have experience preparing professional reports as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency relief effort during Hurricane Sandy.  These reports were utilized to assess the damages caused by severe flooding and storm surge events done to real property and existing building structures.  The reports includes a detailed field inspection of the structural building componants, an assessment of the those damages incurred, and determinations that indicate the causes for those damages.